Once Upon an Artisan Tale


Wanda E. Fleming happily returns to the River Girls Studio after a two year hiatus which included fragrance testing and development, beeswax training, London travel for creative inspiration, and Studio renovation.

Meet  Wanda 

In the Studio

The moment of this gesture makes it worthwhile:


A young woman walks to the table which is piled precariously high with River Girls soap---all redolent with heady scents. She carefully eyes the entire landscape, and then plucks a distinct burgundy one. Holding the bar, she inhales, closes her eyes and sighs. In that moment, I am happily fixated.

When I was a young girl I wanted to be a detective of superhero note, a White House pastry chef, and a published writer—all in no particular order.  Over the years those dreams found their real life niches in published magazine and newspaper columns, in  Christmas blitz baking and policy research.


Today, I create a line of over thirty artisan soaps in my River Girls Soap studio. My work reflects the nuances of each of those once fantasized careers — the persistence of a detective to find a blue azure dye that recalls sea glass; the tenacity of a chef to design and redesign the best recipe for a salty air scent, and the wordsmith laboring of a writer to describe just so, a fragrant soap and the experience it evokes. 

River Girls Soap & Scents reflects the personal intersection of wishes and the daily chance to create for others a heady slice of simple joy.