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About the Products

of River Girls Soap & Scents

River Girls Soap



River Girls' soaps are gentle and glycerin packed. They begin with a coconut detergent free base. It is shredded, simmered and further nourished with cocoa butter, olive and avocado oils. Some soaps contain essential oils of citrus fruit like lime, lemon and orange. Others may contain ylang ylang, lavender, tea tree, mint, cedar, and the rare rose essential oil to name a few.




Please keep dry in between uses. Unopened wrapped soap should be kept in a cool closet or drawer, not a humid or hot room. Dew commonly appears on bars exposed to high humidity. This will not affect their performance in the shower.


Our Collection series and specialty bars are now oval. We love the new mold which makes handling in the shower perfect for everyone from children to seniors. No pointed sharp edges.



4.75 ounces.


Please note these bars are slightly smaller than those produced in our older round molds. Those were 5 to 5.25 ounces and $6.85 each.  These are $6.20. 


Our Signature Soap

Pure Beeswax Candles 

All About the Bees ...


At River Girls Soap & Scents, candles are hand poured from locally sourced beeswax. They contain no artificial fragrances and are made with rich 100% beeswax. Nothing else. Pure, simple and sweet.


Beeswax is nature's ultimate gift. In candles, it reflects a golden halo glow that is breathtaking and burns more efficiently than any other wax. What does that mean for you? Longer burning time than paraffin and other waxes, cleaner burning with no rising soot, and less dripping.  

Care and Tending

Beeswax candles have an infinite life span. Store and use them in the next zombie attack of 2050 or use them today! Keep your candles dust free, wrapped in tissue or heavy paper.


To extend, your candle burn time, take these easy steps:

(1) Trim your wick

We use the finest square cotton wicks then prime them with hot beeswax. This improves the wick's  burn. If your wick ever appears to be overly long as it burns, blow out your candle and snip your wick to about 1/2" or a bit less. Trim before each use if necessary.

(2) Hug your Candle

Some odd shape or specialty candles may melt leaving a tall encircling shell. Gently with a spoon press the shell edges toward the flame. This will increase the candle's burn time and leave little leftover beeswax after the final burn. 

(3) Keep It Dripless

Beeswax candles are renowned for their tendency not to drip. This is a reputation well earned. However, all candles will drip when moved, jostled, and when near open windows, fans or drafts. Please be mindful and protect whatever surface your candle sits upon.

(4) Beeswax Love in Bloom

The hallmark of authentic beeswax is the white "bloom" it develops over time. Each batch of wax is different so the timing of this unique pattern varies. It may appear  immediately or weeks later.  Some beeswax aficionados love the bloom; others prefer to dab a bit of olive and other vegetable oil on a cloth and rub it gently away.  

Additional Notes from Wanda

Candles are beautiful  and can create hours of pleasure and light.  They can also be deadly if left untended or used carelessly.  Always use candles away from items which can catch fire. Anchor them properly in secure dishes, containers or candlesticks. Never leave a lit candle burning unsupervised.  

Luxury Wax Melts

All Fragrance, No Flame

River Girls Luxury Wax Melts are made of a proprietary blend of coconut, soy, beeswax and paraffin. They are richly fragranced yet smooth and lilting. Available in either .5 ounce honeycombs hexagons or our London Bar squares.


Rules of Use

1) Best used with an electric warmer.

2) Use one hexagon honeycomb at a time or one London Bar row.

3) Place in smaller rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. Stronger scents may waft from there into other spaces, lighter ones may remain more contained. Experiment.

4) Servings are strongest in the first few hours of use  and may linger for hours after. depending on the scent.  As a rule warm spicy scents linger longer and more deeply than light florals.  Coffee and bakery scents are  the most tenacious.