These River Girls Luxury Wax Melts were inspired by a trip to London last spring. They are designed in the appearance of a large candy bar. Made of  a special blend of four waxes: soy, coconut, beeswax and paraffin, the melts produce scents that are resonant, smooth and soothing. Use one  ROW at a time, for hours of enjoyment. Simply snap off!


Note by Wanda

River Girls Luxury Waxes are designed for scenting small rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Occasionally, scents may fill entire hallways and adjacent spaces and linger there.


Once you have exhausted your melts, remove from your wax warmer and pop in new melts. Always begin fresh. Adding new melts to old wax will merely dilute and diminish the scent's strength.


River Girls' waxes have been tested successfully with electric wax melters. They have not been tested with open flame or tealight warmers.  



Weight: 3 ounces.

Servings: Six total. Use four squares at a time, a single snap off row.

Luxury Wax Melt London Bars