An aromatic collection of 12 hexagonal honeycomb wax melts. You will receive three scents, four of each. They are presented in a pretty white window treat box.


There are six deep sections each containing two melts for a total of 12. Choose a Fragrance Theme: Flower Market;  Fruit & Herb; Pantry, or Warmth & Spark.


Flower Market

Sweet Pea; Crushed Blue Lilac; and White Rose Gelato.


Fruit & Herb

Black Raspberry Vanilla Bean;

The Buzz About Peach; and Flamingo Beach (a pineapple, tropical fruit, and coconut melange.)



Maple Apple Bourbon; Banana Black Walnut Bread; and Pumpkin Cinnamon Souffle.


Warmth & Spark

Ginger Red Saffron; Cypress & Bayberry; and Pink Currant Absinthe.


Note by Wanda

River Girls Luxury Waxes are designed for scenting small rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Occasionally, scents may fill entire hallways and adjacent spaces and linger there.


Once you have exhausted your melt, remove from your wax warmer and pop in a new melt. Always begin fresh. Adding new melts to old wax will merely dilute and diminish the scent's strength.


River Girls' waxes have been tested successfully with electric wax melters. They have not been tested with open flame or tealight warmers.  



Weight: 6 ounces.

Servings.  Twelve honeycomb hexagons total.

Luxury Wax Melts, 12 Serving Giftbox