Petit Pumpkin Candles



These petit pumpkin candles are hand poured with locally sourced 100% percent beeswax. They are sold as a duo. Order the same color for both or one of each in Autumn Orange or Cadet Blue.   A single pumpkin will burn approximately 12 hours.


The Backdrop

Beeswax is nature's ultimate gift. In candles, it reflects a golden halo glow that is breathtaking and burns more efficiently than any other wax. What does that mean for you? Longer burning time than paraffin and other waxes, cleaner burning with no rising soot, and less dripping.



Plump slightly squat, adorable little pumpkins. You will receive two.

Size: Each is 3.3 ounces.


Note from Wanda

Beeswax is beautiful and unique when poured for candles. Read more about beeswax candles, their care and use at the: About Products page. We never add fragrance to our beeswax candles.


Petit Pumpkins, A Duo